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The Avilion MerBallet Company

For 7 years The Avilion Merballet Company has showcased the beauty and agility of the mer form in more than 10 unique performances.  Combining mer mystic and magic, we have made waves entertaining with this visually inspiring Second Life art form.

One major production premiers every spring.  Dancers are recruited from the Guardians of Avilion, at the discretion of the Director.  Each performance may have 2 to 12 dancers.  Dances are creatively choreographed, usually in unison with special costuming and sets.

Dance productions range from stories written by Avilioners to performances for audience’s enjoyment.

In 2016 The Avilion MerBallet Company premiered “Dawn of Miracles”, joint production with Avilion Cameo Theater.

The company delights to perform to benefit Fantasy Faire, Relay for Life in Second Life, Live and Learn in Kenya International Programme and other charities.

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Creative Director: Lady Theta Marseille

Patroness: Dame Juniper Darrow

2017 Production Crew:

Music Director: Sir Giles Hawker                                                                                                              Choreographer: Lord JP Damien Lord Fafnir Karinov                                                                      Dramaturge: Lady Bajoy                                                                                                                                        Stage Manager: Lady Makalii Rhiadra, Lord Opacus Jenkins, Lady Vee Tammas



“The Guardians” Premier – 18/25 March

Performance to benefit One Billion Rising – 14 February

“The Dreaming Tree” Charity Performance to benefit the Michael J Fox  Foundation for Parkinson’s Research – 11 February

“Beating Heart”/Phoenix – 28 January


“Christmas Ballet” – 3 December

“Breath of Life”/Phoenix – 8 October

“Beating Heart” – 16/17 September

“I Remain/Phoenix” – 13 August

RFL 2016 – “The Dreaming Tree” – 16 July

“Men in Motion/Phoenix” – 18 June

“We are Titanium” for Fantasy Faire – 29/30 April

“Dawn of Miracles” Premier – 19 March


“Englishmer in New York” Showcase for Poseidon’s Ball – 5 December

Avilion MerBallet performs for Feed a Smile Charity – 17 October

“The Future is Now” for Relay for Life in Second Life – 18 July

“The Music Box” Premier 21/22 March


“The Dreaming Tree” Encore – 21/22 June, 26 September

“Shine Bright”for Relay for Life in Second Life – 19 July

“The Dreaming Tree” Premier – 22 March


“Love is the Seventh Wave”  Encore – 21 September

“Love is the Seventh Wave” Premier -17 March


“A Merrow’s Leap” Encore – 10/11 September

“A Merrow’s Leap” Premier- 29 February


“Hope”for Relay for Life in Second Life – 18 June

“Around the World” Harvest – 18 September


“Winter Ballet Magic”Premier – 21 December

“Autumn Equinox”Premier – 18 September

“One world” Premier – 21 June

“Fire Water Earth and Sky” – 21 April


The First Avilion MerBallet Performance – October