AMBCo Makes Waves at Fantasy Faire

cb039545b56fac364725269a4033d808The Avilion MerBallet Company Makes Waves at Fantasy Faire

On Friday, April 29th (3 pm) and Saturday, April 30th (7pm) , the Avilion Mer Ballet performed at Fantasy Faire in support of the American Cancer Foundation. To an enthusiastic reception, they shared a medley of dances from many of their shows both past and present, including: ‘The Dreaming Tree’ (2014), ‘The Music Box’ (2015) and ‘Dawn of Miracles’ (2016). They also danced favourites that were originally designed for the Poseidon’s Ball and Relay For Life Events. Mercows, Merdragons, and Mermen dancing on the streets of New York City, plus many more, were cheered by those attending.

Congratulations to the dancers who  performed and the crew who assisted in this wonderful show.

Extracted from the Chronicle, article written by Lady Bajoy Resident .