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Avilion Cameo Theatre

 ACT (Avilion Cameo Theatre) was founded in 2015 in Avilion with the purpose of developing and producing theatrical works on a regular basis. To date,  the types of performances that have been produced include: adaptations of longer plays; story and novel adaptations; original performance pieces (consisting of integrated programs of poetry, music and dance); dance drama; and musical reviews.

ACT usually performs in one of its theatres in Avilion, producing one or two shows a month; but it has undertaken joint projects with other groups including:  Avilion Entertainers, The Avilion Merballet Company,  and Rocca Sorrentina Players.  ACT has also taken its plays to The Globe Theatre on Renaissance Island, ‘The Play as Being’ Theatre, the Wyrm Island Cathedral, the Ce Soir Arts theatre, and the SL13B Celebrations.

ACT encourages participation in the writing and development of plays and in acting (i.e. voice and movement) , directing, and choreography.  In addition there are opportunities to design sets, costumes, and publicity.  No prior experience is required.  Assistance is available for those who would like to develop new skills in these areas.

ACT conducts its work under the auspices of the Bards of Avilion.


Inquiries should be directed to Lady Bajoy inworld or please fill out our contact form in the contact tab.

The Artistic Director is Lady Bajoy.

The  Patroness is Lady Suzie Sewell.