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Avilion Arts Festival

FRIDAY, Sept 16

2:45 Opening dedication – Arts Festival Weekend

2:50-4 PM Bards/ACT – Presentation of Bards Anthology read by Siric
“Missing Pieces” – a play by Villed Carter
(Main stage)

4:30 – 6:30 PM Hatchies Classical Puppet Theatre, followed by DJ Aero and party (Heart Meadow)

7 PM – Avilion Mer Ballet Company – “Beating Heart” – (Heart Waters near Awen Shrine)

8 PM Opening celebration – Fireworks (Mercove)

11- Noon – Audience Participation event – “Dance-a-Long” – Avilion Cameo Theater, Heart – history of popular dance (Lower Stage)

1-3 PM – ACT presentation of “Padstow Jack Part One” by Moon (dance drama) Theater, above Heart

3:30 -4:30 PM – Avilion Mer Ballet Company  – “Love Is the 7th Wave” – (Heart Waters near Awen Shrine)
5:15 -6:15 PM “Back Stage Break” Keeba Tammas and the Tiny Maniacs concert

6:15-7 PM “Back Stage Break” Dance Party (DJ Giles)

SUNDAY, Sept 18

9:30 – 10:30 AM Poetry Workshop “Sound and Inspiration” –  Bards Circle, Heart

11-11:30 AM ColeMarie Soleil, Particle and Original Music Show (lower Avilion Nexus)

Noon – 1:30 PM – “Circus of Dreams” by the FANDANGOS, Theater, Heart
“Unicorn Tapestry” play by Bajoy;
Renaissance Music – (Lower Stage, Amphitheater, Heart)

2 -3PM – Providence Gallery Fall Contest and Reception – Avilion Grove Ballroom – In conjunction with the Fall contest at the Gallery there will be a reception with Sammqendra, singing live.

3:30-5:30 PM The Bards Literary Ball – Avilion Grove Ballroom
“American Standards” Live concert by Siric and Kalia; DJ Moon
Literary Ball – Masquerade

This event closes the Arts Weekend and helps us segue into Harvest festival the weekend of September 30th

Ongoing all weekend:

Unicorn Quest
Providence Gallery exhibit