The Deep Divide

ACT presented  a show about the American Civil War based on songs, letters and memoirs from the period.The Deep Divide-program v3 _edited-1


‘If Music Be the Food of Love…’


What happens when playwright William Shakespeare meets composer William Byrd? This is the question Bajoy poses in her original play set in 1600 in the Globe Theatre. Shakespeare is plagued by writing problems and an unruly apprentice who refuses to take stage directions until Byrd finds some musical solutions. The show will be performed in Avilion’s version of The Globe Theatre on the upper ACT stage on Sunday, January 29th at 1 pm.

Bip! Bop! Shazam!


Comic Book Superheroes feature in the latest offering from ACT that will premiere on Sunday, January 15th at 1 pm on the lower ACT stage.  Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and Cat Woman are all present in this action-packed show that includes well-known theme songs and audio clips that reveal some of these characters’ adventures.  The excitement is played out against super-charged backdrops created by Scout with action sequences directed by Bajoy.  Choreographers for this show are: JP Damien, Kat, and Bajoy.  See Batman fly, watch Wonder Woman inspire the Amazons, and be intrigued by Batman and Robin as they encounter the Cat Woman.  It’s all there!  So come and join us for the show.

ACT Special Christmas Day Event


On Christmas Day at 2 pm, ACT will present a traditional Christmas story from Mexico. The action takes place in the mountains, where Adelina and her family and the other villagers are preparing for Christmas Eve. As events unfold, Adelina finds that her family has nothing to present as a gift in the church at midnight which is a village custom. What happens next involves the miracle of giving at Christmas. Please join us if you are available for this ACT performance that will be followed by dancing the Mexican Hat Dance, and the singing of traditional carols. Feliz Navidad!


Winter Dreams – a new Anthology



The Bards of Avilion have published their Christmas Anthology, WINTER DREAMS, with poems by the Bards of Avilion and illustrated by Kalia Laerornil Tirnel.

The book design is by Pipit Peacedream and Layne Thomas.

This is a very lovely seasonal edition and is available (at no cost) at The Bards Tent and beside the Christmas Tree at the Drum Circle in Avilion.

Please come and collect your copy.

The Bards of Avilion wish you all a Merry Yule!

‘The Toymaker’s Gift’

ACT in association with the Avilion Entertainers present a dance drama version of the classic Nutcracker story for Christmas.  Rehearsals are well under way for this well-loved tale of Marie, a young girl, who breaks the spell of the Nutcracker and visits the Kingdom of Sweet Dreams. In addition, this version, drawing on the story by E.T.A. Hoffman, reveals how the Nutcracker was first enchanted by a vengeful Lady Mouserings.  Four choreographers, Nena Blackheart, Kat, Kalia, and Moon Aerandir, bring the story to life through movement and dance under the direction of Bajoy and Scout.  All the magic of the traditional story–and then some–will be found in this new production crafted by Bajoy for the Avilion stage.the-toymakers-gift-composite

‘The Pearl and the Olive Tree’

On Sunday, October 8th,  Moon Aerandir broke new ground in ACT with his innovative work, ‘The Pearl and the Olive Tree..’ This form of storytelling theatre involves a narrator sharing a story in character as the actors enact parts of it on the stage. Padstow Jack’s early life came to life as the dramatic events of his quest to win the woman he loved unfolded by means of Pipit Peacedream’s effective interpretation of Moon’s tale.  The cast were: Padstow Jack as himself;  Pipit Peacedream as Rosie, his childhood friend; Maat as his wife, and Bardy and Layne as ships crew. A rousing Shanty party followed this story theatre presentation with captivating tunes to keep the audience, many of whom were dressed as pirates, entertained and dancing many a merry jig.  This event was a jointly sponsored by ACT and the Avilion Bards.the-olive-tree-and-the-pearl_edited-1