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The Fandangos

The Fandangos are members of The Avilion Order We are a formation dance troupe.

We tell a story through movement and music. Our upcoming productions during 2016 are The Circus of Dreams, The Blue Guitar and A Winter Wish. In 2017 we are involved in a production for ACT ~ Dreaming Wide Awake.

Our Choreographer and Artistic Director is Moon Aerandir. Please contact him for any further information.

We are also available to entertain you at parties with a DJ specialising in Celtic, Gypsy and Tudor music and dance.

We have been known to break into Disco, Funk, Inspirational House and Rock when in a party mood.

We bring you dreams ! We bring you happiness !


Contact inworld or please fill out our contact form in the contact tab:

Troupe Leader: Moon Aerandir (moon reverie)