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Avilion Bards

We serve Avilion in the following ways ~

•    original and traditional storytelling
•    poetry
•    music
•    encouragement of the arts in Avilion
•    guidance in creative activities

We hold four regular weekly events at The Bards Circle in Avilion Heart and also a minimum of four special events a year.

We are the sponsors of Avilion Cameo Theatre, The Avilion Minstrels and The Fandangos.

We produce The Bard Anthologies – themed and fully illustrated poetry collections by our Bards.

Our work can also be seen in Avilion Library, at The Bards Tent in Heart and frequently in the Avilion Chronicle.

Everyone is welcome at our events!

Event times can be found on the main Avilion Calendar.
We are always ready to welcome new members.

Contact inworld or please fill out our contact form in the contact tab:


Lord Moon Aerandir (moon reverie)

Lord Siric Freenote