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‘Ghostwriter’ premieres, June 17th-18th

‘Ghostwriter’, a new play by Bajoy,  tells the story behind ‘Jap Herron,’  a novel published posthumously by  Mark Twain supposedly dictated through a ouija board operated by Mrs. Emily Hutchings and spiritualist, Mrs. Lola Hays.  The play was inspired by true events that were said to have occurred in 1915.  The play will be performed at Whitechapel on Saturday, June 17th at 1 pm, and on Sunday, June 18th at Avilion at 11:30 a.m.   The older Mark Twain is played by Geoffrey Edwardstone, the young Mark Twain by Stranger Nightfire.  Mrs Emily Hutchings is played by Dubna Rhiadra and Mrs. Lola Hays by Sister.  VT plays the part of Charles Dickens. Scout acts the part of  Livy, Twain’s girlfriend and later wife,  and Iddy Schmooz is Moggy (the cat).  Featured in the show is a ballet, entitled, ‘The Missouri Pastorale’, choreographed by Keeshe Ansar.  Dancers in the ballet are: Ayla, Amza, Bardy, Gracelen, Iddy, JP Damien, Kat, Scout, Stranger, Vyahen.

Ghostwriter Poster


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