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‘La Serva Padrona’

La Serva Padrona poster_REV2_edited-1

This comic opera by early 18th century composer, Giovanni Battista Perlogesi, is a joint production between ACT and Rocca Sorrentina players. The opera will be presented in Rocca Sorrentina on Saturday, August 13th at 12 noon and in Avilion on Sunday, August 14th at 12 noon.

About the opera:

One of the most successful comic stage works of the entire eighteenth century, Pergolesi’s intermezzo La Serva Padrona was first produced in Naples at the San Bartolomeo theater on September 5, 1733. The function of such works was to serve as an entr’acte piece between the acts of a substantial opera seria — in this instance Pergolesi’s own Il prigioniero superbo, a work subsequently eclipsed by the fame of the intermezzo.

Uberto played by Mercury

Uberto played by Mercury Gandt

The action of this short opera focuses on Uberto, an older wealthy bachelor, and his maidservant Serpina, who is used to getting her way in the household. Serpina wishes to marry Uberto. Through trickery involving the help of Uberto’s mute manservant, Vespone, Serpina eventually manages to get Uberto to see that he is in love with her, and he agrees to marry her. What the opera lacks in “plot” it more than makes up for with glorious music. [Description written by Sere]

Serpinav2 played by Virginia

Serpina played by Virginia

Vespone, the servant who masquerades as Serpina’s suitor, is played by Sister.

Sister as Vespone in disguiserev

Vespone in disguise played by Sister

The opera is produced by Sere, who also is the Translator-narrator, providing translations of the Italian into English during the performance.

Translator-Sere_002 (1)

Producer and Translator-narrator (Sere)

The conductor of the orchestra is Aldo Stern, who also plays the harpsichord.

The Conductor of the Orchestrav2 (Aldo)

The Orchestra Conductor (Aldo Stern)

Bajoy is the director, and also has developed the choreography for the opera.

We hope you will be able to join us for this new venture for ACT and Rocca Sorrentina Players.


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