‘Albert and the Lion’

Albert & the Lionedited2The Scottish poet, Marriott Edgar created monologues about Albert and the Lion for Stanley Holloway to perform. Inspired by these performances, Iddy Schmooz presents her own adaptation for the stage featuring the tale of the young lad, Albert, who was swallowed on a visit to the zoo by the lion, Wallace. Her script and imaginative sets capture all the hilarity of the situation as Albert disappears and finally returns. The script is punctuated by several peppy song and dance numbers from the 1920s. Iddy Schmooz is the director and Moon Aerandir is the Dramaturge. This play is one of two new offerings in ACT’s ‘Double Bill’ to be performed on August 28th at 1 p.m..


‘Double Bill’ features new plays

One of the plays to be featured in ACT’s August 28th production of ‘Double Bill’ is Bardy’s ‘Meredith & the Wood Elf.’  Based on his own original story, this stage adaptation is a magical tale of friendship that turns to love.  The play is enhanced by Sea and Rat Runo’s set that provides the perfect forest environment for the tale to unfold.  The show is directed by Bardy with Kat as dramaturge.

Meredith & the Wood Elf Composite

‘La Serva Padrona’

ACT and Rocca Sorrentina Players are presenting an Opera Buffa by Giovanni Battista Pergolesi.  The show tells the story of a maidservant named Serpina who ends up marrying the master, Uberto, through her cunning and charm.  You are invited to attend to see Pergolesi’s enchanting opera in performance.  The final show is at the ACT stage on Sunday, August 14th at 12 noon.  The teleport to the stage is available from the ACT Gatehouse 1/2 hour before the performance.La Serva  Padrona composite

The Fandangos present The Circus of Dreams at Avilion Arts Festival in September

Circus of D2_001cropped


When Toulouse Lautrec tried to paint them he woke each morning to find his canvas was blank. Hardly surprising, given the nature of the Circus of Dreams. They are restless and always move on.

You may ask why is there a door that seems to lead nowhere.

Even the Master of Ceremonies wonders about that from time to time and the fact that he can’t discover the answer is beginning to irritate him, just a little, after 150 years.

The dancers don’t let it bother them much, though it sometimes confuses their entrances and exits to and from the stage.

But the show must go on! – or at least they all presume that it must – so they perform every night whether there is an audience or not. If the whole thing ends in chaos who cares.

They dance! And that’s what REALLY matters.

Providence Gallery Fall Contest

Avilion’s Providence Gallery is holding a FALL CONTEST just in time for Harvest Festival
We’re looking for your photos to display in the gallery for September and October.

I encourage all of you to enter – DON’T BE SHY!!!!

The theme for this contest is Fall/Harvest

Each artist must submit a FULL PERM photo in SL to Veruca Tammas or
Upload a photo to the Flickr group created specifically for this event

You may submit more than one entry but a maximum of 3 submissions
No nudity
No profile photos
Entries MAY be altered via Photoshop, Gimp, or using any other graphics software
All photos MUST be your original work

1st Place – $3,000L
2nd Place – $2,000L
3rd Place – $1,000L

Judges will be independent of the contest and cannot enter this contest
Judges will judge your photos on the following criteria:
Incorporation of the theme in your photos
The photos will be on display in the Providence Gallery for the judging. Artists names will not be added to the nameplates until the judging is complete.

You have until midnight September 1 SLT to upload or send your photos. Winners will be announced via THE CHRONICLE. All winners will be contacted in Second Life.

ALL ENTRIES WILL BE ON DISPLAY in the Providence Gallery during September and October

If you have any questions please contact Veruca (Vee) Tammas or Dawnbeam Dreamscape.

Veruca (Vee) Tammas

‘La Serva Padrona’

La Serva Padrona poster_REV2_edited-1

This comic opera by early 18th century composer, Giovanni Battista Perlogesi, is a joint production between ACT and Rocca Sorrentina players. The opera will be presented in Rocca Sorrentina on Saturday, August 13th at 12 noon and in Avilion on Sunday, August 14th at 12 noon.

About the opera:

One of the most successful comic stage works of the entire eighteenth century, Pergolesi’s intermezzo La Serva Padrona was first produced in Naples at the San Bartolomeo theater on September 5, 1733. The function of such works was to serve as an entr’acte piece between the acts of a substantial opera seria — in this instance Pergolesi’s own Il prigioniero superbo, a work subsequently eclipsed by the fame of the intermezzo.

Uberto played by Mercury

Uberto played by Mercury Gandt

The action of this short opera focuses on Uberto, an older wealthy bachelor, and his maidservant Serpina, who is used to getting her way in the household. Serpina wishes to marry Uberto. Through trickery involving the help of Uberto’s mute manservant, Vespone, Serpina eventually manages to get Uberto to see that he is in love with her, and he agrees to marry her. What the opera lacks in “plot” it more than makes up for with glorious music. [Description written by Sere]

Serpinav2 played by Virginia

Serpina played by Virginia

Vespone, the servant who masquerades as Serpina’s suitor, is played by Sister.

Sister as Vespone in disguiserev

Vespone in disguise played by Sister

The opera is produced by Sere, who also is the Translator-narrator, providing translations of the Italian into English during the performance.

Translator-Sere_002 (1)

Producer and Translator-narrator (Sere)

The conductor of the orchestra is Aldo Stern, who also plays the harpsichord.

The Conductor of the Orchestrav2 (Aldo)

The Orchestra Conductor (Aldo Stern)

Bajoy is the director, and also has developed the choreography for the opera.

We hope you will be able to join us for this new venture for ACT and Rocca Sorrentina Players.