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AMBCo: Avilion Harvest Arts Performances

2016 is Avilion’s 10 Anniversary.  A significant milestone to be celebrated!  The mer dancers are preening and rehearsing for our next performances – to celebrate the anniversary and to usher the inaugural Avilion Harvest Arts Festival.

There will be 2 performances. Our September 16th performance is followed by spectacular fireworks.  Our September 17th performance will feature the music of the very talented maestro – Sting.

Venue – Mercove on Avilion.  We do hope to see you there!

Dancers: Makalii Rhiadra, Osiris Leshelle, Dawnbeam Dreamscape, Vee Tammas, Kysis Longspring, Scout Zsun, Grace, Opacus Jenkins, JP Damien, Vill Carter and Fafnir Kiranov

Choreo and Sets: Theta Marseille and JP Damien, Styling: JP Damien, Stage Manager: Makalii Rhiadra, Music: Giles Hawker

The Avilion MerBallet Co -  Avilion Harvest Arts Festival Poster


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