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ACT presents ‘Long Time Dreaming’

On July 24th at 1pm on the Avilion Stage, ACT presents a retelling of the Sleeping Beauty story called ‘Long Time Dreaming.’  The play centres on the cook’s daughter, Sanya, who is absent from the castle when the enchantment takes place.  She is faced with the challenge of surviving when everyone else sleeps peacefully for 100 years.  Bajoy was inspired to write this play from an idea found in Laurence Housman’s short story, ‘Koonie in the Sleeping Place.’

Sanya 2 from Long Time Dreamingrev

Sanya, the cook’s daughter played by Vicky Nouvelle

The play unfolds in an innovative cut-a-way castle designed by Layne Thomas with costumes sourced by Kalia.  We hope you will be able to join us for this new interpretation of a traditional tale.

Long Time Dreaming Poster







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