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AMBCo: The Dreaming Tree for RFL

The Avilion Merballet Company is proud to present The Dreaming Tree to benefit Relay for Life in Second Life.  We are once again happy to perform for RFL and look forward to entertaining you.

Join us on 16 July at 1.30pm SL time on the RFL Activities 3 SIM Listen to the beautiful tale of The Dreaming Tree and watch our mesmerizing dancers perform.  Be sure to stay for the final dance which we dedicate to the Relay for Life.

Our dancers: Makalii Rhiadra, Vee Tammas, Scout Zsun, Kat, Theta Marseille, JP Damien, Vill Carter, Fafnir Kiranov and Opacus Jenkins as the merpirate Captain Blackheart.

Created by Theta Marseille.  Story written by Ham Thespian.  Narrated by Bajoy.          Styling by JP Damien. Music by Giles Hawker.  Stage Manager is Makalii Rhiadra

Below is the official poster and a little teaser of our dancers at the last rehearsal.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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