Long Time Dreaming

On Sunday, July 24th at 1 pm on the ACT Stage, the play ‘Long Time Dreaming’ had its premiere.   When the cook’s daughter, Sanya, is away from the castle when the enchantment takes place, she finds she must learn to survive while everyone else sleeps for 100 years. The play was well attended and ACT’s sponsor, Suzie Le Fae, congratulated the cast on their achievement following the performance.

The next performance of  ‘Long Time Dreaming’ will be at The Globe Theatre on Renaissance Island on Friday, August 5th at 3 pm.

Long Time Dreaming Duma rev (Pip) and Sanya (Vicky)

Sanya (Vicky) listens to the minstrel’s (Pipit) song about a sleeping princess


AMBCo: Avilion Harvest Arts Performances

2016 is Avilion’s 10 Anniversary.  A significant milestone to be celebrated!  The mer dancers are preening and rehearsing for our next performances – to celebrate the anniversary and to usher the inaugural Avilion Harvest Arts Festival.

There will be 2 performances. Our September 16th performance is followed by spectacular fireworks.  Our September 17th performance will feature the music of the very talented maestro – Sting.

Venue – Mercove on Avilion.  We do hope to see you there!

Dancers: Makalii Rhiadra, Osiris Leshelle, Dawnbeam Dreamscape, Vee Tammas, Kysis Longspring, Scout Zsun, Grace, Opacus Jenkins, JP Damien, Vill Carter and Fafnir Kiranov

Choreo and Sets: Theta Marseille and JP Damien, Styling: JP Damien, Stage Manager: Makalii Rhiadra, Music: Giles Hawker

The Avilion MerBallet Co -  Avilion Harvest Arts Festival Poster

AMBCo: Dances in Support of RFL 2016

Avilion MerBallet Company Dances in Support of RFL 2016


An appreciative audience cheered as the talented MerBallet performed at the RFL Activities 3 Sim on July 16th at 1:30 p.m. The merrow dipped, dived, and swirled spectacularly to a story from Avilion’s past. Written by Ham Thespian, the saga shared the fate of ‘The Dreaming Tree’, swept away in the Great Tsunami of 2012, that now waits in peace below the sea for a time when Avilion needs her once more and she will return.

The choreography designed by MerBallet’s Creative Director, Theta Marseille, had variety, colour, and splash, mesmerising the audience and had them calling for more. The dazzling costumes by JPDamien perfectly complemented Theta’s beautiful sets and effects.

The following photos show how audience was introduced to the story of ‘The Dreaming Tree’ and its role in Avilion.

‘The Dreaming Tree’
Makalii Rhiadra
Opacus Jenkins
Vill Carter
JP Damien
Vee Tammas
Fafnir Kiranov
Scout Zsun

Dances choreographed by Theta Marseille
Narrative by Ham Thespian
Set and Effects by Theta Marseille
Styling by JP Damien
Stage Manager Makalii Rhiadra
Music DJ’d by Giles Hawker
Hosted by Bajoy

Read more of Bajoy’s review in the next issue of the Avilion Chronicle.

The Fandangos Take Wing!

The Fandangos, Avilion’s newest dance troupe, is already making its mark.  Their first gypsy-celtic performance was at Second Life’s 13th Birthday celebrations (SL13B).

Fandangos at SL13rev_edited-1

The enthusiastic dancers made their debut appearance at Avilion on Saturday, July 16th, with a disco/funk/house set.  The dancing, encompassing over 100 dance moves, was designed by choreographer, Moon Aerandir.

Fandangos 4_ Avilion Nexused

The Fandangos will perform again during Avilion Arts Week,  but no doubt there is a surprise in store before then!



ACT presents ‘Long Time Dreaming’

On July 24th at 1pm on the Avilion Stage, ACT presents a retelling of the Sleeping Beauty story called ‘Long Time Dreaming.’  The play centres on the cook’s daughter, Sanya, who is absent from the castle when the enchantment takes place.  She is faced with the challenge of surviving when everyone else sleeps peacefully for 100 years.  Bajoy was inspired to write this play from an idea found in Laurence Housman’s short story, ‘Koonie in the Sleeping Place.’

Sanya 2 from Long Time Dreamingrev

Sanya, the cook’s daughter played by Vicky Nouvelle

The play unfolds in an innovative cut-a-way castle designed by Layne Thomas with costumes sourced by Kalia.  We hope you will be able to join us for this new interpretation of a traditional tale.

Long Time Dreaming Poster






‘I Could Have Danced All Night!’

On Saturday, July 9th at 2pm and again on Sunday, July 10th at 1 pm, ACT presents highlights from ‘My Fair Lady’.  We hope you will join us to enjoy the toe-tapping music as ACT players share the story of Eliza Doolittle and Professor Henry Higgins.  See all the memorable scenes, including:  the horse race at Ascot and Eliza’s triumph at the Embassy Ball. The  teleport to the Avilion Stage will be available from the Gatehouse in Avilion 1/2 hour before the show.

'I Could Have Danced All Night!' Poster-Final