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AMBCo June 18th Performance


Avilion Merballet Mesmerizes Audiences

On Saturday, June 18th,  the Avilion Merballet performed by invitation in two separate venues: The Empire Room at the 3 p.m ‘Men in Motion’ show  and the Phoenix Dance Theatre at their 6 p.m. Saturday Show.  At both performances the audiences loudly applauded the skill of our Merballet Company.  Among the comments heard were: ‘awesome’, ‘fantastic choreography,’  ‘enthralling,’ and ‘a classy act.”

The performances showcased the choreography of JP Damien in two different dances.  The first, ‘Englishman in NY’ featured dancers with canes, stylish bowler-hats and matching fins against a striking New  York City backdrop.  The second, ‘Ring of Fire’ was danced against a scenic background as rings of smoke wafted through the air..


Read more of Bajoy’s review in the June 20th issue of the Avilion Chronicle.


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