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ACT will perform at SL13B

‘The Book of Love & Imagination’ is an original dance drama by Moon Aerandir. His poetry combines with music and dance to explore the pathways of love and imagination.

It was first performed in Avilion and then toured to The Globe and Ce Soir Arts. Our final performance will be on Saturday June 25th at 8am SLT as part of this years Second Life Birthday Celebrations.

An illustrated souvenir book has been produced by Pipit Peacedream and Flame Jie and this is available in Avilion’s Market Place – pick up a free copy there or at the main ACT stage.

Alice: Amza Brinner (previously played by Eala Du)
Poet: Moon Aerandir
Hatter: Moon Aerandir
The Girl on the Green:
Circle Dancers: Villede Carter, LordBard Dreamscape, Iddy Schmooz, Kat, Arrades, Porta Staberella
Sleeping Girl: Kat
The Lover: Moon Aerandir
Rosa: Scout Zsun
Arjuna: JP Damien
Soul: Kalia


Producer: Moon Aerandir
Director: Moon Aerandir
Dramaturge: Bajoy
Choreography: Moon Aerandir
All poems and script by Moon Aerandir
Voices: Eala Du and Siric Freenote
Stage Set: SeaIvy and Rat Runo
Filming: Secret Rage
Prompter: Bajoy
Dance animation controllers: Moon, JP & Scout


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