‘The Book of Love & Imagination’

On June 25th,  Moon Aerandir’s original performance piece, ‘The Book of Love & Imagination’,  was performed at Second Life’s 13th Birthday celebrations. The show consisted of original poetry and choreography accompanied by music that supported the overall theme.  Well attended, the performance was also well received. Many of the audience also stayed for the celebratory dance session that followed the play.Moon Aerandir,v2  'The Book of Love & Imagaintion'Amza as 'Alice' v2 in 'The Book of Love & Imagination'



‘The Book of Love & Imagination’

Book of Love ed-Rehearsal at Enchant for SL13B celebration.png

Moon Aerandir’s original performance piece, ‘The Book of Love & Imagination’ will be performed at the Second Life 13th Birthday Celebrations on Saturday, June 25th at 8 am. Come early to hear pre-show music selected by Moon. The performance itself will begin at 8:30 am to be followed by dancing to celebrate the occasion.

We hope that you will be able to join us for this special event.  The LM for the venue is: SL13B Astound Auditorium (241, 132, 25).

Avilion’s Providence Gallery Summer Contest!

Avilion’s Providence Gallery is holding a SUMMER CONTEST
We’re looking for your photos to display in the gallery for July and August.

The theme for this contest is SUMMER

Each artist must submit a full perm photo in SL to Veruca Tammas or
Upload a photo to the Flickr group created specifically for this event

  1. You may submit more than one entry but a maximum of 3 submissions
  2. No nudity
  3. No profile photos
  4. Entries MAY be altered via Photoshop, Gimp, or using any other graphics software
  5. All photos MUST be your original work

1st Place – $3,000L
2nd Place – $2,000L
3rd Place – $1,000L

Judges will be independent of the contest and cannot enter this contest
Judges will judge your photos on the following criteria:
Incorporation of the theme in your photos
The photos will be on display in the Providence Gallery for the judging. Artists names will not be added to the nameplates until the judging is complete.

You have until July 4 to upload or send your photos. Winners will be announced via THE AVILION CHRONICLE. All winners will be contacted in Second Life.

ALL ENTRIES WILL BE ON DISPLAY in the Providence Gallery during July and August.

If you have any questions please contact Veruca (Vee) Tammas or Dawnbeam Dreamscape.

Veruca (Vee) Tammas

AMBCo June 18th Performance


Avilion Merballet Mesmerizes Audiences

On Saturday, June 18th,  the Avilion Merballet performed by invitation in two separate venues: The Empire Room at the 3 p.m ‘Men in Motion’ show  and the Phoenix Dance Theatre at their 6 p.m. Saturday Show.  At both performances the audiences loudly applauded the skill of our Merballet Company.  Among the comments heard were: ‘awesome’, ‘fantastic choreography,’  ‘enthralling,’ and ‘a classy act.”

The performances showcased the choreography of JP Damien in two different dances.  The first, ‘Englishman in NY’ featured dancers with canes, stylish bowler-hats and matching fins against a striking New  York City backdrop.  The second, ‘Ring of Fire’ was danced against a scenic background as rings of smoke wafted through the air..


Read more of Bajoy’s review in the June 20th issue of the Avilion Chronicle.

AMBCo: 2 performances on June 18th!

Join the dancers of The Avilion MerBallet Company this Saturday June 18th at:

3pm: Englishman in New York choreographed by JP Damien, performed by JP Damien, Ryu Firehawk, Fafnir Kiranov and Aleric McDuncan at The Empire Room

(Note the 3pm show is Rated R)


6pm: Englishman in New York and Ring of Fire choreographed by JP Damien and performed by JP Damien, Ryu Firehawk, Fafnir Kiranov, Aleric McDuncan, Theta Marseille, Makalii Rhiadra and Kysis Longspring at The Phoenix Dance Theatre


AMBCo: Men in Motion Performance

Men In Motion 6-2016

The Avilion Merballet Company is proud to be a part of the next Men-in-Motion production.   Join us this Saturday afternoon as some of the sexiest choreographers and men (and mermen) take to the stage.

Choreographed by JP Damien, dancers include

Rye Firehawk,

Fafnir Kiranov and

Aleric McDuncan.

Saturday June 18th at 3pm at The Empire Room

Here is your teleport: The Empire Room