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ACT: The Unicorn Tapestries

The Unicorn Tapestries Poster-Final

On Sunday, May 22nd, ACT will premiere a new work entitled, “The Unicorn Tapestries,’ which will be performed in conjunction with the Avilion Unicorn Quest in Avilion. The play itself was adapted by Bajoy from source materials relating to the tapestries and from Tracy Chevalier’s compelling work of historical fiction, “The Lady and the Unicorn.’ The stage play presents an account of how the famous tapestries (probably woven in Brussels in the late 15th century) may have come into existence. The audience attending will witness a type of ‘play within a play.’ as each of the characters on the stage ends up in one way or another depicted in the tapestries.

In actual fact, the six tapestries on which the play is based, are now housed at the Cluny Museum in Paris. Five of the six are thought to represent the five human senses, while the sixth shows a lady putting away a necklace in a jewelry box. One interpretation of this tapestry is that she is rejecting the passions that the senses can arouse.

Queen Elizabeth introduces the Unicorn Quest

Following the play, Queen Elizabeth 1 appears with a unicorn to introduce a Unicorn Quest in which playgoers are encouraged to search Avilion for items from the tapestries following poetic clues.

*The Prologue for ‘The Unicorn Tapestries’

‘ The Lady and the Unicorn’
by Bajoy

In a time when the earth was younger than it is today
When the wind blew softly, rustling the leaves of gnarled trees that kissed the dawn
When the sun rose on a world fresh with dew and the scent of wildflowers..
In that long ago age of legends, a noble creature freely roamed the woodland—
The unicorn.

Stately— with the pride born of a noble lineage,
The unicorn had no master, knew no fear,
Had no enemy to disturb its graceful presence in the land
In all creation, who could rival it
in beauty of form, in purity of heart, or in wisdom of the olden ways?

Over the years, many sought it—but few were rewarded.
Once a hunter crossing the wasteland swore he caught a glimpse of a unicorn.
Another— a king— told tales of one standing still as a statue on the edge of the wildwood.
But always…the vision was ephemeral—-like a fleeting dream gliding across silver moonlit pools.

The wise know—
There is only one who can find and tame the unicorn.
Only one who can match it in purity of heart and beauty of soul.
Maybe her name is Mary or Jane
Perhaps it is Erin or Beth,.
But in every generation—
a lass who believes in legends,
who is not yet broken by the world,
who commits to truth with quiet calm,
can seek her heart’s desire—
and find it in the unicorn.

Cast for ‘The Unicorn Tapestries’

The Unicorn –  Amza Hydraconis
The Girl – Sere Timeless
Nicholas  Layne Thomas
Claude – Pipit Peacedream
Genevieve – Sere Timeless
Beatrice-  Iddy Schmooz

Cast for ‘The Unicorn Quest’

Queen Elizabeth – Kat
Her Unicorn – Chrys O’Colla

Artistic Team

Director – Bajoy
DJ – Moon Aerandir
Sets – Layne Thomas
Poster – Pipit Peacedream
Program, Furnishings & Tapestries – Sere Timeless
Quest Design – Vill and the Bards
Prize Design – Chrys O’Colla
Sountrack – Bajoy
Voices – Bajoy, Eala, Iddy, Layne, and Pip


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