Avilion Arts Festival – 2018


2018 Avilion Arts Festival main poster

This year the Avilion Arts Festival will be held on the weekend of September 8th and 9th and will feature both Avilion artists and performers and invited groups.


The events will begin at The Invisible Gallery on Saturday, September 8th,  at 11:30 a.m. when the story of ‘The Birth of Avilion’ will be told. This will be followed by the launch of the new Bards Anthology, ‘From the Invisible Gallery’, and the opening of an art exhibition entitled, Shakespeare’s ‘Women of Spirit’, including readings based on four of Shakespeare’s women characters from his plays.

Following the opening, there will be a performance of Swan Lake by Color Alchemy in the Nexus Cloud. Those who have seen it report that it is ‘visually stunning’ and a treat ‘not to be missed.’

Shakespeare's Women of SpiritSwan Lake

Next, an original play, ‘Tales of Avilion’ by Theadore Themis has its premiere in the Drum Circle with original poems and songs and plenty of action, as the ACT performers portray snippets from life in Avilion. The show is directed by Kat.

The Avilion Mer Ballet, under the direction of Theta, presents a new work, ‘Freedom Flutter’ in the Merrow Cove.. The Mer Ballets are always beautifully choreographed and performed.

Tales of Avilion poster

Freedom Flutter MerBallet poster









A radio play, ‘The Three Golden Apples,’ adapted by Bajoy from Nathaniel Hawthorne’s story of Hercules in ‘A Wonder Book.’ gives listeners a chance to relax and imagine the action as readers interpret the parts accompanied by music and sound effects.

To top off the action on Saturday, there will be a lively Backstage Party presented ‘live’ by Keeba and the Tiny Maniacs on Nexus.


Three Golden Apples posterKeeba & Maniacs poster 2018



Sunday, too is action-packed, starting at 10:30 am with music followed by ‘Voices on the Air’ consisting of poetry by The Bards of Avilion.

Voices on the Air 2018 v3

Saor Patrol — the Celtic Cacophony Returns — is a live band.. Come along to listen and dance in Heart Meadow.

Skye Fire and The Imaginals present ‘The Brave’ in Nexus, with a performance that takes the audience on a journey from the confusion and alienation of city life to awareness at the top of a mountain with the return of new humanity and a greening of our world.

Celtic Cacophony posterThe Brave

Later the Nouveau Ensemble will present the dance work ‘Black Velvet Showcase’ in Merrow Cove.

The culminating event of the Festival will be The Arts Ball in the Avilion Ballroom that is a formal event.

Nouveau Ensemble

Arts Ball poster

Come along and enjoy this year’s Avilion Arts Festival. There will be plenty of opportunities to participate with the wide range of entertainment and activities!

[Posters were created by Scout Jenvieve]


The Avilion Arts Festival returns ~

2017 Avilion Arts Festival main poster


The Avilion Arts Festival returns ~

The second annual Avilion Harvest Arts Festival will take place from September 15th to 17th showcasing Avilion talent and delighting in the company of other invited performers.

This years festival will include storytelling, music, dance, an art exhibition, theatre, puppetry, poetry and illusion.

Join us for a magical weekend

All necessary teleports will be placed at Avilion Main Gate half an hour before each performances and the full programme will be published in due course

‘Ghostwriter’ premieres, June 17th-18th

‘Ghostwriter’, a new play by Bajoy,  tells the story behind ‘Jap Herron,’  a novel published posthumously by  Mark Twain supposedly dictated through a ouija board operated by Mrs. Emily Hutchings and spiritualist, Mrs. Lola Hays.  The play was inspired by true events that were said to have occurred in 1915.  The play will be performed at Whitechapel on Saturday, June 17th at 1 pm, and on Sunday, June 18th at Avilion at 11:30 a.m.   The older Mark Twain is played by Geoffrey Edwardstone, the young Mark Twain by Stranger Nightfire.  Mrs Emily Hutchings is played by Dubna Rhiadra and Mrs. Lola Hays by Sister.  VT plays the part of Charles Dickens. Scout acts the part of  Livy, Twain’s girlfriend and later wife,  and Iddy Schmooz is Moggy (the cat).  Featured in the show is a ballet, entitled, ‘The Missouri Pastorale’, choreographed by Keeshe Ansar.  Dancers in the ballet are: Ayla, Amza, Bardy, Gracelen, Iddy, JP Damien, Kat, Scout, Stranger, Vyahen.

Ghostwriter Poster

‘Destiny’ premieres on June 11th

POSTER DESTINY 11 june rev_edited-1

On Sunday, June 11th at 2 pm in the ACT Main Theatre, a new play by Maat Hathor, will be produced.  The story relates to a young Princess Ada who wants to determine her own destiny.  The play is directed by Kat Carnell, with Demrias as Assistant Director, and Kalia as choreographer.  The sound track construction was done by Bajoy, with a set by Maat. Those in the ensemble for the show are: Bardy, Corina, Eli, Graceless, Iddy, Jack, Kalia, Layne, Pipit and Vyahen. We hope you will be able to attend.

Destiny composite_edited-1

An ACT Tribute

Hans Christian Andersen poster-

On May 21st, ACT presented a special tribute to the storyteller, Hans Christian Andersen. The session included some of his most well- loved stories, including: The Ugly Duckling, Thumbelina, The Nightingale, and The Emperor’s New Clothes.  Songs, photos, and audience participation dancing to some of the stories formed the basis for the production that was designed and compiled by Bajoy, ACT’s Artistic Director.

The Sensational Sixties

On Sunday, April 9th at 1p.m., ACT presents a dance party with a difference.  The audience will be invited to dance-a-long with hostess, Pipit Dreamscape, and Wolfman Jack Kat as memorable music from the 1960s is played in a fab diner created by Sea and Rat Runo.  Come along and join in the fun!

The Sensational 60s poster_edited-1